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WSJ News Exclusive: The Manhattan district attorney’s office is investigating President Trump’s sprawling Seven Springs estate in Westchester, N.Y., expanding a criminal probe set to follow the president after he leaves office

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The FAA approved the first U.S. drone flights without a hands-on operator, a move that could expand commercial applications

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Right-wing groups, including supporters of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, received a $522,000 bitcoin donation from a single overseas donor in December 2020, according to the bitcoin analysis firm Chainalysis

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From @WSJopinion: Trump committed the sort of offense the Founders had in mind for impeachment, writes @josephsternberg. But what powers hasn’t Congress already ceded to the executive branch?

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Operation Warp Speed leaders waited more than two months to approve a plan to distribute and administer Covid-19 vaccines proposed by U.S. health officials, leaving states with little time to implement a mass-vaccination campaign amid a coronavirus surge

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South Carolina Rep. Tom Rice woke up Wednesday morning with his mind made up to vote to impeach President Trump after the Capitol riot: "The more I looked at it, the madder I got," said Rice, widely seen as the most surprising of the GOP votes

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The National Rifle Association filed for bankruptcy protection and plans to restructure as a Texas-based nonprofit amid a legal battle with New York's attorney general

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President-elect Joe Biden plans to give the federal government a bigger role in getting Americans vaccinated, including supporting clinics for delivering shots

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Shortly after becoming the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice, President Trump has grown increasingly concerned with defections against him within his own party as he must plot his defense in a second Senate trial 

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Members of a pro-Trump mob planned to capture and kill elected officials during a siege of the Capitol last week, including a self-described QAnon Shaman who left a menacing note for Vice President Mike Pence, federal prosecutors said

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The pandemic has likely increased pet ownership, which is positive for stocks like Chewy. But investors need to be choosy as the pandemic adoption boom tails off. @WSJheard explains. #WSJWhatsNow

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"I’m not making anything, but at least I’m keeping the place going." Faced with financial disaster, some restaurant owners are serving customers indoors despite the risk of fines or closure orders.

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From fitness to weight loss to better sleep, @ellenbyron has apps for resolutions in the Covid era #WSJWhatsNow

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Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan places poverty reduction at its center, offering cash, housing assistance and food to low-income households

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A new way of stock-market wagering is taking hold among younger investors who prefer to think about how much they can spend instead of how many shares they can afford

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Do people want to watch a movie about being locked down? "It could very well be that people have had enough of hearing about the pandemic."

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WhatsApp is delaying an update to its privacy policy after backlash from some users over how it would share data with owner Facebook

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Operation Warp Speed leaders waited over two months to back a vaccine distribution plan, officials said, leaving states little time to act amid a virus surge

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From @WSJopinion: This week Corporate America moved from captives of wokeness to active accomplices. The legal and political consequences may prove profound, writes @KimStrassel.

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