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In each act of service, in every work of #mercy we perform, God manifests Himself; God sets His gaze upon the world.

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God overcomes the world's evil by taking it upon himself. This is also how we can lift others up: not by judging, not by suggesting what to do, but by becoming neighbours, empathizing, sharing God's love.

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In difficult and dark moments let us find the courage to say: "Blessed are you, Lord". Let us praise the Lord: this will be so good for us. #Prayer #GeneralAudience

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We possess a great wealth that depends on what we are: the life we have received, the good within us, the indelible beauty God has given us by making us in his image. All these things make each of us precious in his eyes, each one of us is priceless and unique in history.

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A society is all the more human to the degree that it cares effectively for its most frail and suffering members, in a spirit of fraternal love.

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It is striking that the Lord spent most of his time on Earth living an ordinary life, without standing out. It is a beautiful message that reveals the greatness of daily life, the importance in God's eyes of every gesture and moment of life, even the most simple.

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I am praying for the United States of America, shaken by the recent attack on Congress. I pray for those who lost their life. Violence is always self-destructive. I urge everyone to promote a culture of encounter and of care to construct the common good.

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Today I could not celebrate Baptisms in the Sistine Chapel, as is customary. I am praying for all the children who at this time are receiving Baptism, the Christian identity, the grace of forgiveness and of redemption.

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The Father says to each one of us, as He did to Jesus: “You are my beloved Son”. We are God's beloved children. This is our deepest identity. It is the first point of the spiritual life and we are reminded about it by Jesus first public gesture. #BaptismoftheLord

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This is the great meaning of #Christmas: God becomes man so that we can become children of God.

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Christmas is passing. But we must return to family life, to work, transformed, we must return glorifying and praising God for all that we have heard and seen. We must bring the good news to the world: Jesus is our saviour.

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May the Child of Bethlehem help us, then, to be generous, supportive and helpful, especially towards those who are vulnerable, the sick, those unemployed or experiencing hardship.

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I extend my affection to the brothers and sisters of the Oriental Churches, Catholic and Orthodox, who celebrate the Nativity of the Lord today. To them, I wish them a Holy Christmas in the light of Christ our peace and our hope!

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Today we celebrate World Missionary Child Day. I thank all the children and boys and girls who are involved. I encourage you to be joyful witnesses of Jesus, seeking to always bring fraternity among your peers.

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Like the Magi, we too are called to allow ourselves to be attracted, illuminated and converted by Christ: He is the journey of faith, through prayer and the contemplation of God’s works, which continually fill us with every new joy and wonder.

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The first step towards an attitude of worship is to “lift up our eyes”. When we lift up our eyes to God, life’s problems do not go away, but we feel certain that the Lord grants us the strength to deal with them.

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To worship the Lord, we first have to “lift up our eyes”: not to let ourselves be imprisoned by those imaginary spectres that stifle hope, knowing that the Lord is aware of our troubles, attentive to our prayers and not indifferent to the tears we shed.

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In the Child Jesus, God shows Himself to be lovable, full of goodness and gentleness. We can truly love a God like that with all our hearts.

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