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"We know vaccinated people are protected. But if you have unvaccinated people who are now going to be exposed to others who are unvaccinated ... there is no proof of verification of vaccination. That's the big issue," @DrLeanaWen says about the latest CDC guidance on masks.

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“Disgraceful”: Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell reacts to GOP Rep. Andrew Clyde comparing the Capitol riot to a “normal tourist visit.”

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Israel bombs building housing international media offices and Gaza home, killing 10 family members as Hamas rockets rain down on Tel Aviv

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“I can't be a part of making anyone sick. And so we have a responsibility for our customers, even if they won't take a responsibility for themselves,” says Mark Alston, co-owner of Utah restaurant that requires proof of vaccination.

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.@smerconish: “Both of these things can be true at once: First, that Donald Trump bears responsibility for a long list of failures in responding to the pandemic. And, second, that Donald Trump deserves credit for vaccines.”

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The Biden administration could issue an executive order making it illegal to pay hackers ransom, Richard Clarke, former national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism, tells @smerconish after sources say Colonial Pipeline paid ransom to hackers.

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“What’s taken place the last 72 hours is both great news in so many ways, but also complicated news for businesses that now are being asked effectively to police their own employees and their own customers,” @andrewrsorkin tells @smerconish about new CDC mask guidance.

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“I don't think the American work ethic is dying,” former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers tells @smerconish.
“We are making a mistake in the generosity of the benefits that we’re providing ... that is creating needless labor shortages and contributing to inflation pressure.”

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“If you want more people to come to work, you got to raise wages and you got to make the trade better. You got to make work better for people,” NYU professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway tells @smerconish.

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Employers say they can't lure back workers, and some states are ending enhanced unemployment benefits.
CNN’s @smerconish: “Is the American work ethic dying? Or are the wages of work being reimagined?”

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"The whole thing's been a joke from day one. It is a clown show. They're at the right place probably now next to the carnival rather than inside the coliseum. I'd rather have the carnies handling this than these jokers," says fmr. Arizona AG Grant Woods of the GOP election audit.

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“You really don't know whether or not somebody has been vaccinated ... And you're going to change [workers] from the mask police to the vaccination police. I think it's very difficult,” Marc Perrone, United Food and Commercial Workers president, says about new CDC mask guidance.

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-Why would I unmask indoors if I don’t know if others are vaccinated?
-How should schools handle updated mask guidance?

Dr. Monica Gandhi and Dr. Leana Wen give their differing viewpoints and answer questions on the CDC’s mask recommendations.

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Former President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party but his critics like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger still have a place in the party, new House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik said.

“I support President Trump ... He is an important voice in our Republican Party”

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House Republicans voted to elevate Rep. Elise Stefanik to the No. 3 leadership position of conference chair after ousting Rep. Liz Cheney from the role over her opposition to former President Trump.

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“They're in la-la land and disconnected from reality,” Rep. Tim Ryan said after GOP lawmakers downplayed the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“It is so far beneath the office of being a United States representative … And they're in the gutter.”

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North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein said the state has received more than 600 complaints about price gouging gasoline over just two days.
“If I find price gougers, I will hold them accountable,” he said.

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Replying to @cnni: The UN confirmed that military forces are impeding humanitarian access to parts of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region, after an ex…

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Replying to @CNNTonight: EXCLUSIVE: @CNN has obtained bodycam video showing the attack on DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone during the J…

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A corporate tax hike "makes the most sense” to fund President Biden’s infrastructure plan, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tells @jimsciutto, but he adds that “there may be other ways to get this done that don't cross anyone's red line.”

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The UN confirmed that military forces are impeding humanitarian access to parts of Ethiopia's war-torn Tigray region, after an exclusive CNN investigation revealed that Eritrean troops were coordinating with Ethiopian forces to cut off critical aid routes.

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EXCLUSIVE: @CNN has obtained bodycam video showing the attack on DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone during the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Fanone was stun-gunned several times and beaten with a flagpole. Watch:

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