MVดีมาก​ ดีที่สุด​ ระดับหนังมารเวล​ #aespaNextLevelUnlocked

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Scott announcing his retirement just goes to show how many fucking snowflakes there is these days.
Thanks for nothing Twitter.

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#ThankYouScott for all you have done, I hope you have the best retirement and enjoy laying back and having fun with the kids, sounds like a Dream and I’m glad your living it. And although I’m sure you won’t leave this community I do just wanna thank you again for making it.

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Our night guard never ends!

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Scott… you will be missed #ThankYouScott ❤️

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Would you like to help me end the guy who forced Scott Cawthon to retire? Just DM me! Thx!

#ThankYouScott #FNAF

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#ThankYouScott dont play fnaf and it used to fucking scar me when i was 9-10 but this stuff is just dogshit insane to the point that they can make a creator of a large community retire just bc he donated to somebody twitter dosent like

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