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The new Cranked Zombies mode in #BlackOpsColdWar adds time-based action to the formula. The Zombies mode free access week runs today through January 21 on PS4:

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@PlayStation Better on XBOX

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@PlayStation And PS5

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@PlayStation Cold War had so much potential

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Such a great read! Happy Book Birthday! 🎂 #WorldBookDay

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Happy #WorldBookDay

Here's a handful of our marketing department's ever growing list of keepers. What are your top picks and which authors would you like to see at future Festivals? Shelfies are encouraged 📚

#bookday #canterbury #canterburyfest #author #lovereading

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Get your free copy of Covenant of Silence on Kindle today

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Caernarfon Class celebrating World Book Day 2021📚💕

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On #WorldBookDay , would like to recommend this by @DameJulieWelch, the doyenne of female football writers; the first one indeed. Love the cover and its contents match the vibrancy. Generously, Julie also acknowledges Vikki's pioneering role on tabloids.

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Happy #worldbookday everyone!

Looking for books? Why not explore what your publishers have to offer on their websites📚

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10 Shin Buddhist books everyone should read:

Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path, by Takamaro Shigaraki

Naturalness, by Kenryo Kanamatsu

The Monk Who Dared, by Ruth Tabrah

Tannisho, by Taitetsu Unno

Buddha of Infinite Light, by D.T. Suzuki



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