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Dump the League of Evil Exes, one uppercut at a time. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition is out today on PS4:

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@Dracohhh @PlayStation Happy birthday

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@PlayStation My birthday is on Monday can y’all say happy birthday to me

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 1 month ago

@PlayStation Restock ps5 cmon

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@PlayStation Took your sweet time

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@PlayStation Fix servers

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@PlayStation Ps5 drops in canada anytime this year ?

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What happens when a moose who loves to prance and dance in snow suddenly finds himself stuck up to his antlers? Friends lend a paw or wing to GET MOOSE LOOSE. #PitMad #PB

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May is a writer. He is a rock star. They are bonded--she feels his emotions, dreams his songs. Once she begins to remember past lives they shared, she realizes they were never together. This time, she'll change the ending.

#PitMad #A #LF #SPF

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Ghibli x Sorcery of Thorns
When 17 yo Yhara learns she can illegally travel the realms of magic, she is targeted by a monstrous eldritch Prince and his army. She'll have to master her powers or he'll use her to destroy her people and the realms. #Pitmad #LGBT #F #YA #ND.

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ALAN ALIEN crashes lands on Earth. A meowing creature steals his travel log and vanishes inside her owner's home. Alan disguises himself as a cat to infiltrate the house. To his surprise he finds more than his teacup. He finds a home. #PitMad #PB #AC

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10 yrs ago, after a heartbreaking tragedy, SUMMER swore off skating. W the help of her sweet hockey goalie boyfriend, Tate, she finally faces her fears. But, when another tragedy strikes the town, w Tate at the center, ice may be the least of her worries.

#PitMad #YA #CON #M #R

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Aphids, eucalyptus leaves, plankton— oh my! This is no ordinary tea party. Count to ten while learning about different animals’ favorite foods. But watch out, because animal number 10 has a BIG appetite! #PB #Pitmad

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@slyarbrough76 1 captured mermaid loves rice pudding
1 low-country legend
2 friends torn apart
1 family feud
1 greedy doctor
1 mysterious healer
1 circus nightmare
14 years of lies
1 chance 2 return nymph to her ocean home but she wants
1 man to come with her
A Mermaid Riot
#PitMad #YA #F #HF

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Squirrel lost his nuts so he writes letters to all the animals. Their replies are less than helpful. Dog is the only one with the answer, but he is squirrel's worst enemy. #pitmad #PB #C #HA

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