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 3 months ago

Quoted @FCBarcelona_cat

Gràcies per tot, Diego

Descansa en paz, leyenda

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@Antoniomr_ct @3gerardpique Pique leyenda? Jajsjaja

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@socraticjuan @3gerardpique Ya es chico. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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 3 months ago

@3gerardpique 💔💔💔

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 3 months ago

@3gerardpique Eres grande, Geri!

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 3 months ago

@3gerardpique A legend will always be remembered

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@3gerardpique Leyenda despidiendo leyenda.

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@3gerardpique 💔 grande pique

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@3gerardpique 💔😔

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Enjoy, 'World Book Day Social,' at your leisure. There are podcasts YA book recommendations and more
#aws #readingispower #WorldBookDay

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Happy #WorldBookDay all!

If you haven't already, please consider checking out my new book with @paton_calum, available now on Amazon.


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Some of the wonderful bookmark creations from 2 Eos this morning for #WorldBookDay Today they took some time out to read their favourite books to try out their new homemade bookmarks. What a great way to "mark" (🤭)the day 🙌

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I’m with Katie. If you can’t read a book, write one. Or seven.


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Today is #WorldBookDay! The last book we read on Ethiopia was 'Out Of Thin Air' by @mphcrawley.

By immersing himself in the culture of Ethiopian running, Michael takes you on a journey to discover why #Ethiopia🇪🇹 has some of the world's best long-distance runners.🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️


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Remember #WorldBookDay doesn’t just only have to be celebrated today. We are so excited to have you all back on Monday (08.03) to continue our love of everything books.

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Have you heard about @opentexts - aka 'the Google for digitised books'?

From today, you can use it to find items from our special collections that are online, ready to read and download for free! Take a look:

#WorldBookDay (ladder not included)

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Some more great book-monster bookmarks from Year 6 today! #WorldBookDay

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