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Wach the WS72 highlights of Round 2 on the Road to online finals... #eFootballPES2021SEASONUPDATE #efootballopen #PES2021 #twitchstreamer #eSport #pesleague #Highlights

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@officialpes #eFootballPES2021 #myclub #MatchDay #script #eFootballOpen #eFootballpro We cant escape when the script kicks in 🎮⚽

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@Oussoubb_ 🤣🤣🤣 c'est incroyablement faible on dirait moi à #efootballopen

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Ta pouco liso o menino Messi! #efootballopen #round2

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ん? round2の方は、アプデ前のまんまなんか?🤔

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Bonjour tout le monde 🙂 bon réveil et bon courage à ceux qui vont bosser. Ce soir training pour #efootballopen #eFootballPES2021 bonne journée 🙂

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Merci pour la mention. Plus d infos sur la 4eme semaine de l #efootballopen bonne chance a tous.

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🎆 Hey! Toutes les infos sur la 4ème semaine d'eFootball Open sont dispo ici 😉


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Happy to advance to the #eFootballOpen Online Finals!, It was a really tough experience due to the incomprehensible slow and laggy gameplay during all the matches!! See you all in 05/06/2021 with a hope to face fair and amusing experience
#eFootballPES2021 #efootball2021

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Ahí estaremos intentando dar guerra como siempre.. #eFootballOpen #PS4share

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Primeira experiência do clube neste evento com participação de @ABbv94 e @TiagoSerrano13.

@DiMotas123 apura-se para a 3a ronda da #eFootballopen.

Parabéns a todos por as vossas prestações!


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Tal como tinha dito, e de me ter preparado psicologicamente para esta batalha! Estou apurado para a 3rd Round #eFootballOpen, em @officialpes.
Admito que tive sorte com os adversários :D
"Só os duros vencem!" ⚫⚪


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Neste FDS ainda consegui o apuramento no #eFootballOpen @officialpes com um 1º Lugar na Europa🤩🤩 vamos com tudo para a fase final @CDTeSports @ebillibongCDT obrigado pelo suporte👊

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Clasificado a las finales online de #eFootballOpen en PS4 con 13-1-1.

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Queres saber todo sobre el torneo oficial de Konami? 🏆O incluso ganar puntos gratis!? Mírate este video 🔥 #pes2021 #eFootballPES2021 #efootballopen #matchday


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On Fire!🔥
eFootball Open - Matchday 2

@esy_2017 👁

#efootballpes2021 #efootballopen

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Donc ce mec est actuellement 1er de l' #efootballopen que des 🤡🤡🤡🤡 sur #eFootballPES2021SEASONUPDATE

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今日からefootball openでカモられに行こうと思います。

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負けたらいくつ下がってたんだ((( ;゚Д゚)))ガクガクブルブル

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The confirmation/invitation from @Konami @officialpes of my qualification for the #eFootballOpen Online Finals that will take place in June 👌

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Is any player available to practise on balanced mode for #efootballopen round 2?

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Hello la compagnie !! Je ferais un live ce week-end pour #efootballOpen #eFootballPES2021 car avec le taf et le cumul de la fatigue ça devient compliqué de jouer....

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Hugo Figueiredo (@ReDerHug0) qualificou-se para a fase Final do #eFootballOpen, após ter ficado em 25.º do Top 50 PS4 EU com o registo 14-0-1.

Muitos parabéns e boa sorte!

#PES2021 #eFootballPES2021 #efootballPro #Playstation4 #PS4

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Had a 12-3-0 on Saturday and thought it was enough to finish top50. Yesterday was losing places every minute so decided to try hard to improve my score. Somehow was struggling, then decided to swap team. Best decision ever! Qualified for the Online Finals on PS4 EU with 14-0-1!👊

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Can I dream or should I get back to work? 🍷

Super goal in the 1st comment of the thread. ⚽

#eFootballOpen #Xbox

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